Saturday, June 30, 2012

Howto: Dye your hair Pink!

I recently dyed my hair pink! I had it pink earlier this year- let it fade, went back blonde, went blue, went blonde again, and now I'm back to pink! Phew! I documented the process so you all can see how easy it is to do yourself at home! (It's also a LOT cheaper to do at home rather than spending $50-$100 bucks at a salon... and I PROMISE you can get equally professional results!)

For my pink hair- I used a combination of Special Effects Cupcake Pink & Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink! This gave me my ideal shade- you can mix different shades of pink to create your perfect and unique shade! TIP: Mix a little bit at a time of each color until you achieve the perfect combination.

 Pink hair has become THE hottest hair trend for summer.  I personally get annoyed by trends- I dyed my hair pink because I love how it looks, but once something becomes 'trendy' and everyone starts doing it, then it looks like you're trying to copy.

Celebrities are going crazy for the pink dip dye trend
Photograph ft. Demi Lovato

                      Check out my video and see how I dyed my hair pink!

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