Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mally's Favorite Things Volume 2: Holiday/NYE Look *SWATCHES*

Guess who's back back back back again.... Bambi's back.... tell a friend! ;)
MERRY CHRISTMAS BEAUTIES! I know I kind of fell off the face of the earth, but boy am I back! And I brought an awesome review of a new product from Mally Beauty with me!  I received the 'Mally's Favorite Things Vol. 2' for Christmas today!

 Now, you all know  I love me some Mally Beauty, honey! I played around with this set while doing my makeup for Christmas dinner- and I was amazed by the results. Let's take a look.........

Here I am, hair still wrapped up in a towel- I had just finished playing with my Mally Beauty- and I LOVE the results!

 On my eyes: All three of the Mally Beauty Age Rebel Shadow Sticks in the Mally's Favorite Things Vol. 2 Collection. Burnished violet is all over my lid, with Jade in the crease and Sugar in my inner corners, under my lower lashline and also on the lid. Swatches coming up!

These eyeshadow sticks glide on like butter, and they will not crease on you! The color payoff is excellent and they blend so easily! These eyeshadow sticks are your primer, and eyeshadow all in one! They are the bomb!
Next comes eyeliner......

I love this new formula- the eyeliner glides on effortlessly and does not smudge or give me raccoon eyes after wearing it for many hours. I'm wearing Mally's new eyeliner formula in Express-O-Lane in my waterline only:


The kit also comes with three gorgeous liquid lipsticks:

And finally, what Mally Beauty Set would be complete without her famous Volumizing Mascara?  Guess what.... this kit comes with THREE! Mally's mascara is my all time fave. It doesn't flake, doesn't irritate my eyes, and makes my lashes go VA VOOM!

And there you have it ladies..... the colors are gorgeous, the product quality is wonderful, and it all comes in a shiny pink snakeskin box! True Mally Beauty style! Thank you Mally for making such a wonderful kit! I hope you all enjoyed this post- and get ready cause 2013 will be the year for BambiGirlBeauty


Monday, September 24, 2012

Marilyn Monroe for MAC

Hello Beauties!

I am so excited for the Marilyn Monroe MAC Collection- I can hardly contain myself! I heard about this collection at the beginning of the year, and you can not imagine my excitement. I've literally been counting down the days till October... plus, it's my birthday month sooo PERFECT timing!

 Marilyn Monroe has been my idol/icon/heroine since I first saw her in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" when I was only six years old. I fell in love then, and have loved her ever since... (HELLO, I use her last name). Needless to say, I can't wait to get my hands on a few pieces from this collection. 

BTW The packaging is TO DIE FOR. It's actually delicious to look at- SERIOUS eye candy happening here! I'm a sucker for cute packaging. MAC has captured the classic icon beautifully. 

There are five lipsticks....
from left to right:
Love Goddess
Charmed I'm Sure
Deeply Adored
Pure Zen
Scarlett Ibis

There are four eyeshadows (all veluxe pearl finish)

Nail Varnishes....
Two blushes and a beauty powder:

and more!


What's on your wish list?

Xo Bambi

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bellaboo Giveaway

*GIVEAWAY ALERT..... Coming soon to my channel*

I believe in this skincare brand so much that I want YOU to have the opportunity to try it too. So, I will be giving away the Bellaboo On The Go 3 Step Kit. The Bellaboo essentials in travel size form. PERFECT size for trying out new products! I know you'll fall in love like I did.

Make sure that you are subscribed to my youtube channel so you will know when my giveaway launches!

Learn more about Bellaboo by visiting: http://www.bellaboobabe.com

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Definition of Beauty

Sometimes a girl needs to hear that she is beautiful. I know that self esteem comes from within, but we all have those days where we don’t feel good enough, the pressures of society can creep into our minds easily when we are having a ‘low’ day.

Want to keep reading? 
via Bellaboo Gloss

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mally Beauty In The Buff Eyeshadow Palette: The 2nd coming of NAKED

If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of Mally Beauty! Mally Roncal is the woman behind the brand. She is a makeup artist to the stars and has her own signature look that she does on all of her celebrity clients. People go to Mally for 'that thing' that she does... That glow. Mally's makeup line makes it easy for you to achieve 'that thing' at home! Mally Beauty is guaranteed 'BULLET PROOF' which means it is not coming off until you take it off! Yep you could fall asleep and wake up the next day looking GORGOIS, but Mally doesn't recommend it (and neither do I!) .... Anyway, the point is that Mally Beauty ROCKS my socks and Mally has just come out with a new palette which looks like UD NAKED's twin sister.... I am not one of the lucky ones who owns the Naked palettes, but when I saw Mally's In The Buff Palette on qvc for $45, I knew I had to have it. I already know I can trust the quality of Mally Beauty, so I cannot wait to get my hands on this baby. I will totally be doing reviews and tutorials on my channel with this! The question is... Will YOU be picking this up? Check it out for yourself here: Mally In the Buff 11pc Eyeshadow Palette

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bellaboo Mag: NEW HOME!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that Bellaboo Online Magazine has a new home! You can now visit BELLABOO GLOSS for weekly posts, rather than monthly! Checkout our new format and discover the editors of the gloss, the amazing Chatterchicks who I intern with at Bellaboo.

And also, the Sing for Self Esteem Competition powered by ULTA and Bellaboo is still going strong, so don't forget to submit your entry to this fab self esteem competition- you could win big! Deadline has been extended to September 2nd! Good luck!

xo, Bambi

Monday, July 23, 2012

Paint your Monday PINK!

If you've got a case of the Monday blues, I have just the thing to brighten your day! A big pink dose of inspiration, glitter, makeup, beauty icons and stilettos to get you through your day. These girly images are sure to make you smile- so if you see something you like, go ahead and 'steal' it off my blog and post it on your Facebook wall or instagram. I promise I won't tell :) 



Saturday, July 14, 2012

My new Teen Esteem column in Bellaboo Magazine

Hey beauties! Today I am very excited to announce my new Teen Esteem Column with Bellaboo Magazine. As I have mentioned on this blog before, I started interning with Bellaboo about two months ago. Bellaboo is a skincare company and a brand within a brand that works with teenagers and pre-teens on self esteem. Our mission is to change the world one person at a time, and help them to learn to love themselves just the way they are! There are a ton of us on the Bellaboo Team- we're called Chatterchicks and each chatter chick is assigned a job, and a place in the Bellaboo Magazine. The girls are amazing, and their talent and skills amaze me all the time.

I applied to be the Teen Esteem editor of Bellaboo Magazine and I got the job! I am so excited because I'm super passionate about Pro- Self Esteem and this is my chance for my voice to be heard every month and spread a positive message.

Check out my first monthly column here: http://www.bellaboobabe.com/hair-blues

I hope you enjoy reading, and check out the rest of the magazine too for beauty tips, celebrity access, style tips and more!!!!!!!!

I love being a part of the Bellaboo Family.

Xo  Bambi

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review- Lioele Blackhead Zero Nose Patch

We're all familiar with these guys. You'd be surprised how much gunk is hiding in your nose pores. It's actually quite shocking. I recently picked up these Lioele Blackheadzero Nose Patch's from Pretty and Cute, hoping they would be the answer to my blackhead problems. Was I right? You'll have to keep reading !

These nose strips claim to
  • Quickly remove dead cells and debris that clog pores and cause skin problems.
  • This nose patch can effectively soften keratin, maintain oil balance, and reduce the apperance of large pores.
  • For best result, use Lioele Pore Clean & Tightening Pack afterward to reduce excessive oil and tighten pores.
  • Continuous use can control oil balance and prevent blackheads from forming.

                              Here is a look at my 'Before' Nose Strip

    The top of the nose strip is made of a fabric like material, and the side that is photographed is the side that goes on your skin. It is a shiny and smooth texture, and I think it may be charcoal, which is well known to draw out impurities, and charcoal is a big thing in asian skincare (especially nose strips).

    The AFTER photograph is really gross! 

    Now that the disclaimer has been made, let me show you the final result.

    EWWWWWWW...... I could not believe all of that came out of my nose! 

    My final conclusion on the Lioele Blackhead Zero Nose Patch is that it does the job! I like these and will definitely pick up more. 

    I hope this review was helpful to you, and if you'd like to pick these up for yourself just head over to prettyandcute.com

    Xo Bambi

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: EssentiallyBella

When it comes to body scrubs, I don't suffer fools gladly. It's so hard to find the perfect scrub- they're either too runny, to abrasive, the scrub disappears as soon as water hits it, you know what I'm talking about girls.... So I took a chance when I purchased from a little store on etsy called 'EssentiallyBella'.

Essentially Bella body scrubs are made by Jami and her products are free
of Sulfates and Parabens. Instead, she uses Organic coconut oil, and essential oils, and other natural products. And EssentiallyBella NEVER tests on animals- I love that!

First of all, let me say that all of Jami's products smell absolutely GORGEOUS.


This body scrub does a great job at exfoliating and I LOVE the way it leaves my skin soft and hydrated- you can feel the coconut oil on your skin even after washing the scrub off, and it feels so nourishing.

I rate this product 5 stars on a scale of 1-5 and I recommend you give it a try if you're searching for a new scrub. Prices range from $5-$14 depending on the size.

Find EssentiallyBella on etsy.

In addition to the body scrub, I also picked up the lavender bath and shower oil.


This oil comes with the option of a spray pump or normal pump- I use the spray pump and it distributes the oil very well- and a little goes a long way! This oil is VERY hydrating and soothing. I love to spray a few spritz in my bath, and I use it directly on my body when I've stepped out of the shower. You don't need lotion anymore after using this!

Purchasing a product from a etsy seller can be tricky- since it's not a 'brand name', you never know if it will be hit or miss- but these two products are definitely a HIT and when I run out, i'll be back for more!

Definitely check out EssentiallyBella on Etsy CLICK HERE TO GO TO ESSENTIALLYBELLA STORE and if you have any questions, send a message to Jami. She is so sweet and very helpful!

Enjoy, beauties!

Xo Bambi

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bellaboo is looking for the next singing sensation

Bellaboo is a skincare line developed for young girls- it is a brand within a brand, and their mission is to help girls with self esteem issues, and make a difference "One Girl At A Time".
I am interning for this company, and I am the Teen Esteem Editor for Bellaboo Online Magazine.

Bellaboo has recently launched a competition powered by Ulta Beauty for the search of the next singing sensation. If you've got talent- this is your chance to show the world! All you have to do is make a video of yourself singing along to the Bellaboo Girl Anthem.

Example here:


Before you enter, there are some basic rules you should know.

1. This contest is open to US residents only.
2. If you are under the age of 19, you must have consent from your parent or guardian to enter.
3. You must be 13 years or older to enter this competition.
4. You have until July 18, 2012 at 11:59pm PST to submit your video.

For more information on how to enter, please visit http://bit.ly/BellabooSongContest

Best of luck to all of you!!!!!

Xo Bambi

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Howto: Dye your hair Pink!

I recently dyed my hair pink! I had it pink earlier this year- let it fade, went back blonde, went blue, went blonde again, and now I'm back to pink! Phew! I documented the process so you all can see how easy it is to do yourself at home! (It's also a LOT cheaper to do at home rather than spending $50-$100 bucks at a salon... and I PROMISE you can get equally professional results!)

For my pink hair- I used a combination of Special Effects Cupcake Pink & Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink! This gave me my ideal shade- you can mix different shades of pink to create your perfect and unique shade! TIP: Mix a little bit at a time of each color until you achieve the perfect combination.

 Pink hair has become THE hottest hair trend for summer.  I personally get annoyed by trends- I dyed my hair pink because I love how it looks, but once something becomes 'trendy' and everyone starts doing it, then it looks like you're trying to copy.

Celebrities are going crazy for the pink dip dye trend
Photograph ft. Demi Lovato

                      Check out my video and see how I dyed my hair pink!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Glossybox USA- May 2012

Hey beauties!

I just opened my first Glossybox for the month of May and I'm really happy with the products I received and of course, the beautiful and elegant packaging that Glossybox is known for.

Let's get into what's inside the box:

1. AMORE PACIFIC Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra Gel (South Korea)
A hydrating gel moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling bright and refreshes. Oil free. Full size is 1.7oz and retails for $100. We receive a 0.27fl sample size.

2. BURBERRY BEAUTY Lip Mist Sheer Lipstick in Copper No.202 (UK)
A creamy lipstick that leaves your lips moist and dewy. This is the perfect nude shade BTW! Full size is 0.12oz and retails for $30. We get a .028 sample size.

3. MARVIS Whitening Toothpaste (Italy) A cooling mint toothpaste that protects against tooth decay, tarter and plaque while naturally whitening your smile. I REALLY like this! This product is full size and retails for $7.50

4. PHYTO Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask for dry hair (France)
A containing mask that moisturized and detangles without weighing hair down.
Full size is 6.7oz and retails for $38. We get a 1.7fl size and I can tell that this will last quite a while for me and I'm looking forward to trying it.

And finally, 5. ZOYA Summer 2012 Beach And Surf Collection USA! This product is full size and I got the color RORY which is a beautiful violet sparkling shade. It retails for $8.

So, overall it was a pretty good box, and the packaging is better than any other beauty subscription box on the market (that I know of). It for sure beats Birchbox and Myglam (although I love Myglam).

Glossybox is $21 a month. If you'd like to subscribe, please visit their website www.glossybox.com for more information.

Thanks for reading!

Xo Bambi

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CUTEST makeup brush holder EVER!

Hello Gorgeous!

So I recently ordered a customized makeup brush holder on etsy from a store called PersonalizeYourStyle because I have SO many makeup brushes and no proper place to store them... I did attempt to make my own brush holder but didn't have the right beads to hold the brushes in place and it was a nightmare...
(I attempted to cut up old costume jewelry pearls thinking that would work... blonde moment or what?!) ANYHOO!!! Moving on to this amazing holder.....

I just had to share with you all because I am SO happy with this purchase.  Mine is a round 6x6 glass container, and when I opened the box I was shocked at how big it actually was! It's absolutely perfect to hold my brush collection. I was also SUPER impressed with the quality and intricate details! It looks very professional and looks so cute on my makeup counter and will surely impress my clients.

Holly's collection ranges from $18-$29 and she will customize your holder for you any way you like!!!! She made mine pink and black and even put a cute sparkly 'B' for Bambi!

DEFINITELY go check out Holly's etsy store!!! RIGHT NOW you can take 20% off your order by using the code MOM20 at checkout!
Happy Shopping, Beauty Babes!

Xo Bambi

Bellaboo Skincare

A month ago, I discovered a skin care line called Bellaboo and since that time, I've been using it consistently and loving the results and changes in my skin!

I am 19 years old and Bellaboo is a skin care line geared towards young skin, (although it's great for any woman who is not yet worried about anti aging ingredients) and 99.5 percent of the ingredients are all natural. Here's some information taken off of the BellaBooBabe official website....

Bellaboo is based on 99.5% natural and naturally-derived ingredients. We turn to botanicals not chemicals for young skin care solutions. The .5% of synthetic ingredients is our preservatives and emulsifiers which ensure our product's stability and long shelf life.

We are confident of backing our claims of being the purest skin care for young skin on the planet! But, as there are some common questions that get thrown our way about some of the ingredients listed on our products, here's the low-down.

Alcohol Denat
Derived from cane sugar, it is alcohol that has ingredients added to it to make it undrinkable. It is used instead of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, to kill bacteria and help to normalise sebum production.

Aloe Vera Extract (Aloe Barbadensis)
Recognised as one of nature's most potent healers and also works to improve skin hydration.

Bamboo Extract (Bambusa Arundinacea )
Obtained from a special bamboo growing in the hill forests of India. The silica deposits in the cell walls of the stem are ground and a white powder is extracted that has incredibly powerful exfoliating properties. It is a 100% natural exfoliating agent.

Natural clay taken from volcanic ash that is effective in absorbing toxins from the skin.

Blackcurrant Extract (Ribs nigrum)
A fruit acid that is rich in gama-linolenic acid – an important ingredient for maintaining skin elasticity and preventing moisture loss as well as promoting cell turnover.

Blueberry Extract (Vaccinium Angustifolium)
A powerful antioxidant that works to combat free radical damage and fight the ageing process.

Bilberry Extract (Vaccinium Myrtillus)
A fruit acid that works to promote exfoliation and encourage cell turnover.

Burdock Extract (Arctium Lappa)
Antiseptic and antibacterial used to calm skin.

Synthetic thickener used to give a product stability. We have tested many natural thickeners and emulsifiers but they either simply do not work and cause separation or the formula stays water thin. We have chosen the best option to give our products superior stability and consistency.

Cananga Odorata Palmarosa Oil (Cananga Odorata)
An essential oil used for its hydrating and toning effects.

Cetearyl alcohol
Whilst some alcohols act as a drying agent, Cetearyl Alcohol is not a drying agent. It is derived from plants and is part of our formulation to give the product structure.

Ceteareth 20
A vegetable derived variation on Cetearyl but with added water-loving properties. The ingredient we use has no links to dioxane.

Citric Acid
An extract from citrus fruits and used as a natural pH adjuster.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine
A mild cleanser derived from coconut oil that effectively removes surface oil, dirt and bacteria, without stripping the skin or drying it out.

Cocoa Extract (Theobroma Cacao)
A softening agent that works to neutralise free radicals.

Cocoa (Seed Butter Theobroma Cacao)
A highly effective moisturising agent that is readily absorbed and helps skin to retain moisture.

Dandelion Root Extract (Taraxacum Officinale)
A high source of vitamins and minerals, it works to unclog pores and fight bacteria.

Decyl Glucoside
This is a mild, biodegradable surfactant (cleansing) that is derived of glucose from corn starch to fatty alcohol decanol derived from coconut.

A silicone derived using sand as the building blocks to create it.

Echinacea Extract (Echinacea Angustifolia)
This oil has strong antibacterial properties that help to stimulate wound healing.

Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothera Biennis)
High in essential fatty acids and a source of rare gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), also found in human breast milk, it works to draw much needed moisture to the skin’s surface and acts to protect skin from environmental stresses.

German Chamomile Extract (Matricaria Recutita)
Antimicrobial, soothing and toning.

This is derived from vegetables and is used to draw moisture to the skin, making it feel softer.

Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis)
A powerful antioxidant the helps prevent skin cell damage and acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant.

Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis sativa)
With a high concentration of essential fatty acids it works to re-moisturise and revive skin.

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein
A protein derived from wheat germ that dissolves in water which works to tighten skin and promote healing.

Immortelle Oil Certified Organic (Helichrysum italicum)
An amazing anti-inflammatory that works to heal and sooth and also has high antibacterial and antifungal benefit.

Indian Golden Seal Extract (Hydrastis Mamira)
A powerful antibacterial with anti-inflammatory action.

Jojoba Seed Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis)
A waxy oil extracted from the bean, which helps the jojoba plant retain water during dry conditions. On the skin it works as a protective film to help seal in moisture. Contains natural collagen almost identical in structure to the skin.

Kakadu Plum Extract (Terminalia Ferdinandiana)
Taken from the plum tree native to Arnhem Land in Australia, it is the richest source of vitamin C, which is one of the most important antioxidants for skin care, helping to prevent the breakdown of collagen.

Kaolin Clay
A mineral clay high in calcium, silica, zinc and magnesium, making it effective for oily and blemished skin.

Lactic Acid
This is a naturally occurring acid found in milk and fruit, which produces pH levels the same as those of the hair and skin. A rich moisturiser

Lavender Oil Certified (Organic Lavandula Angustifolia)
An essential oil from lavender flowers with soothing and antiseptic properties.

Lemon Myrtle Oil (Certified Organic Backhousia Citriodora)
This fresh and uplifting lemon scented oil has strong anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.

Manuka Oil (Leptospermum Scoparium)
With five times the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil it is highly effective in acne preparations.

Neem Oil (Azadirachta Indica)
It shares many of the properties of Eucalyptus Oil – antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic – with the added advantage of a high fatty acid content making it especially nourishing and moisturising.

Orange Flower Water (Citrus Aurantium)
Distilled from orange blossoms, this essential oil is an excellent astringent and toner.

Polysorbate 20
Food grade emulsifier derived from coconut and used to dispel oils into water.

Potassium Sorbate
This is a synthetic food grade preservative essential to inhibiting bacteria and molds to ensure our product’s shelf life.

PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate
A synthetic food grade surfactant (cleansing agent) that is effective and gentle and suitable for all skin types.

PEG-20 Methyl Glucose Sesquistearate
Derived from glucose from plants, it is an emulsifier – an essential in skin care formulations to stabilise oil in water formulations... PEG-20 Methyl Glucose Sesquistearate does not contain PEG-20. These are two completely different materials. Unlike PEG-20, PEG-20 Methyl Glucose Sesquistearate does not contain the hazardous by-product of 1, 4 Dioxane. It is accepted internationally as a safe, naturally derived ingredient.

Synthetic preservative for microbial protection and shelf life.

Pro-vitamin B5 is a synthetic ingredient that helps promote new cell growth and acts as a moisturiser.

Peru Balsam Resin (Myroxylon Balsamum)
Sourced from the Peru Balsam Tree in South America, which is tapped to extract the resin, it is a highly effective anti-microbial.

Red Iron Oxide
A mineral used to give our mask its berry red colour.

Rice Bran Powder (Oryza Sativa)
Rice bran powder is gently exfoliating and is an old Japanese secret for smooth, soft skin. Rice bran powder is said to prevent wrinkles, quickly heal blemishes, absorb the dirt and oil from the pores, balance the natural oils in the skin, and moisturize.

Rose Geranium Oil (Pelargonium Graveolens)
An essential oil that has astringent and toning properties, making it an excellent normaliser for oily skin.

Rose Flower Oil (Rosa Damascena)
Distilled from fresh rose petals, this oil is a natural hydrator and anti-irritant.

Rosemary Oil (Rosemarinus Officinalis)
An essential oil beneficial for its antioxidant, toning and purifying

Rosewood Wood Oil (Aniba Rosaeodora)
An essential oil that is a mild cellular stimulant that helps to regenerate cells, normalise sebum production, and stimulate circulation.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil (Certified Organic Hippophae Rhamnoides)
Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil is extracted from a berry that grows wild in the Himalayas. The oil has over 100 nutrients, 24 minerals, 11 vitamins and acts as a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory whilst working to normalise sebum production and promote healthy balance to the skin.

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate
A synthetic vitamin C derivative that has been stablilised to give it better skin benefit and stability.

Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate
This is a mild preservative that is derived from plants and delivers broad spectrum anti-microbial action.

Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii)
A moisture-rich butter obtained from the nuts of Mangifolia trees in Central Africa, and a highly effective moisturiser.

Stearic Acid
A vegetable-sourced fatty acid.

Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis)
An incredible emollient that is high in oleic, linoleic and other fatty acids. It’s very soothing and moisturising.

Tea Tree Leaf Oil (Certified Organic Melaleuca Alternifolia)
This is an essential oil with powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It works as a non-drying broad spectrum anti-microbial.

Natural vitamin E and a powerful antioxidant.

Violet Leaf Extract (Viola Odorata)
Works to detoxify and soothe.

Witch Hazel (Hammamelis Virginiana)
Distilled from the leaves of the plant, it is a natural astringent and toner.

Willow Bark Extract (Salix alba )
A natural alternative to salicylic acid extracted from the bark of the Willow Tree, it works as an exfoliant as well as helping to control oiliness.

Ylang Flower Oil (Cananga Odorata)
Ylang Oil is an essential oil used for its skin soothing properties. It has a balancing effect on skin.

Bellaboo is not only an amazing skin care system, but the brand is on a mission to make the change in the way girls feel about themselves and their self esteem, one girl at a time! Bellaboo encourages real natural beauty and loving ourselves the way we were made! I'm very much passionate about this topic as well, and the more I researched about Bellaboo, the more I wanted to be a part of this movement. I've recently been welcomed in as a BellaBooBabe Chatterchick, which is an internship with the brand. I'm very excited to be a part of this company and I hope I can encourage you to reach out and try the line for yourself! The line also has three pampering facial masks and a spot treatment for breakouts! The product can be purchased on http://www.ulta.com and are in the $10 range. So affordable and so worth trying!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

May Birchbox- Gossip Girl Edition

I received my May Birchbox- This month was my first box and it was Gossip Girl themed. I have never watched Gossip Girl, but loved the idea of a Gossip Girl Birchbox. I am already subscribed to Myglam, TestTube, and now Glossybox, and wanted to give Birchbox a try.

So let's take a look at what's inside.....

The first thing  I noticed was the bright yellow and hot pink tissue paper, I LOVE bright colors! Inside was a stila liquid eyeliner in a deep indigo color, a mini sized sample of Dr. Jart Water Fusion BB cream, a metallic gold nail polish, and three Kerestase samples including a shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum. These brands are very high end and generous sample sizes. Two products were full sized, being the nail polish and the stila eyeliner.

Let's look at some swatches......

Left: Dr. Jart Water Fusion BB cream- after I took the photo, I blended it out and it matched my skintone.
Upper right corner: Stila Liquid Eyeliner in Curacao
Bottom right corner: Color Club® Foil Collection in Disco Nap.

Overall, I am happy with this month box. For those of you don't know, birchbox is a monthly subscription of beauty samples sent to your door and it is $10 including shipping. There is a waiting list so to ensure you get yours ASAP, head over to their website now! www.birchbox.com

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A little off topic....

Hey everyone! So I know that this is off topic from anything beauty related, but its just too cool not to share! For those of you who don't know much about me, not only do I love makeup and beauty, but I'm also a singer/songwriter/musician! My stage name is Princess Bambi Monroe, you can google me to find out more and check out my music and music video! ANYWAY- the amazing Kelly Eident from I'm Your Present on Etsy (one of the most successful etsy stores, beloved by stars like Katy Perry and Audrey Kitching) has created a necklace and earrings inspired by ME!!!!! I was so excited and giggly when Kelly asked me if she could make a Bambi nameplate necklace to sell in her shop! I was like hellz yeah!!!! SO, if you haven't heard of I'm Your Present, go check out the store and prepare to be mezmerized by kittens, rainbows, skulls, and sparkles. And check out the Bambi necklace and earrings! (http://www.etsy.com/listing/98950587/blue-mirrored-acrylic-bambi-necklace) They are very affordable in the $12 range.

and I'm linking my music video for my song 'Rock is a Drug' here:

Keeping things tidy!

I organized my bathroom counter today. I'd been putting the project off for awhile but I'm so glad I did it! I wish I had taken a 'before' picture, but you can trust me when I say it was a nightmare! The pink tub now holds all of my daily beauty essentials for my hair and skincare routine. Let's see how long I can keep it looking this nice ;)



New design!

I want to thank my good friend Timmy Fenty for designing my blog and making it look pretty! Check out Timmy's clothing, jewelry & accessory line at www.houseoftimmy.com